Serious Games Unit

The contributors of the Serious Gaming Unit at Social Dynamics Institute have over twenty years of experience in creating such games and can effectively respond to multidimensional depth and flexible interaction both at the game concept level and at the level of production the relevant algorithms and game-play required to create «serious games» to the implementation and conduct of the game. The production of such games starts from the specifications of the specific educational purposes that need to be incorporated into the game. The «Serious Games» Unit can support the process of identifying the educational purposes of the organization concerned to facilitate the clarification of the educational purposes which the game under designation must serve.


Serious Games are educational tools of experimentally understanding. The main feature of «serious games» is that as simulations create an «artificial environment» of user’s opportunities and challenges and thus directly and attractively introduce participants to the situations through which understanding and education are attempted. As simulations the «serious games» support parallel educational processes, such as research on historical, social or political conditions, analysis in complex situations, decision-making process, crisis management, negotiations, conflict resolutions, etc. These innovative experiential tools contribute to a thorough and effective educational process and the pleasant and systematic engagement of trainees in it.


Stelios Fenekos

Head Of Serious Games Unit


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