Conference on «Psychosocial Risks at Work» on June 9th, 2017. Kifissia,Greece

The Institute on Social Dynamics in collaboration with the Free University of Kifissia Municipality organize conference on «Psychosocial Risks at Work». The conference will be held on June 9th at Kifissia Town Hall and is under tha auspices of Municipality of Kifissia.

Five years after the relative  Ε.U campaign – Senior Labour Inspectors Committee, SLIC, we like to identify the current situation in Greek workplace (private and state). It seems that the severe economic crisis and  the high rate of unemployement, combined with incomplete knowledge and conservative perceptions on  management led to dramatic worsening of problem.

We invited Academics, Lawyers , Doctors , Sociologists, Organizations , Federations and State to present current surveys, discuss and contribute in a common effort to improve workplaces,because our strong belief is that we can not succeed economic development for our country without safe and healthy workplaces where employees will enjoy  creative work  by using  their knowledge and talents.


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