The team


The founding team:

Dora Vakirtzi , President

Education : Chemistry (BSc), Packaging Technology, Marketing & Communication (MSc), Business Administration (MBA).

Professional experience:  management in Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Sales,  Μarketing , Business Development and General Management  (Linked in: Dora Vakirtzi )

Fotis Alatas  , Vice President

Education: Electrician technologist, Accounting, Finances

Professional experience: 2010-present self-employed in  Business development, (2005- 2010) Vice President at  A Klaoudatos & sons SA -sports company,  (1999-2005) Member board of directors , Vice President ,deputy CEOs,  (1987-1999) Head of account Dprt.,  (1980-1987) G Klaoudatos sa- retail department stores, (1975-1977) Hermes international account department.

-Dionysios Zavitsanos , Secretary



-Nikoletta Diamantakou, Treasurer

Education: French language (DES), specialization in Art History. Translation (literature and philosophy)  (IFA)

Experience in cultural management,  PR manager at Athens Art Network

Languages: French, English, Spanish

– Stelios Fenekos ,Board Member

He studied in Greece: Naval Academy, Naval War College, MsC International Policy, Strategies, & European Studies (Panteion), USA: » Foreign & National Policy, Decision making, Strategy & Defense Planning » (NWC Rhode Island, USA), Foreign Policy in Eastern Europe, (Executive Programme, Harvard Kennedy School of Government), and England: Crisis Management (MTC, Portsmouth).

He served Navy for 18yeras in sea service of Fleet Headquarters on various types of ships, and was the first Governor of the frigate Bouboulina received from the Netherlands and joined Greek fleet in 2000. He also served as Director of Policy and Defence Planning / Hellenic Army General Staff /Defence and Defence policy / General Staff, Assoc. National Representative of Greece to the Military Committee of NATO, as Commander of the Naval Base of Crete, as Commander Naval War College, and director at the department of Defence resources. In May 2010, bearing the rank of Rear Admiral and as member of the Supreme Naval Council (TDC), resigned because of disagreement and conflict with the Minister of Defence,

Polychronis  Kokkinidis

Athens Lawyer, member of the Athens Bar Association. Graduate of Law School & the School of Political Sciences, specialized in International and European Studies at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens; holder of the International MBA (former Decision Making) of the Athens University of Economics, Accredited Mediator (Piraeus Mediation Center), Certified Mediator, Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights, (Specialized in Commercial, Consumer, Family Cases and School Mediation) , Accredited Mediator Trainer (Tool Kit Company), Neutral to theYoustice electronic platform /Euro-ODR (Online Dispute Resolution), Certified Mediator (IMI, ACB Foundation), Diploma in Negotiation (Athens University of Economics and Business), has long experience and engagement in matters of commercial businesses (Business Management, Corporate Law, Commercial Law), experience in negotiating agreements and Drafting Contracts, and in court practice in matters of Civil and Commercial Law.

Dimitris Kollias

He was born in Athens Greece in 1970. He finished his primary education from Leondios Lyceum in Athens and received his first bachelor degree from the University of Athens in 1994 from the English Department and his second bachelor from the same university in 1998 from the Philosophy Department. His is the owner and CEO of private education establishments for secondary education in Athens (6 Veranzerou Street) and in Pefki (32 Erinis Avenue). He is teaching composition to third education students, preparing them for university entrance exams. He is also conducting effective communication seminars to adults. Since 2005 he has been organizing experiential leadership and team building seminars for teenagers and adults.


Konstantinos Kouros

Msc Human Resources Management, Tourism Management

He was born in Athens in 1987. He is  a son of Aristides and Efthimia. In 2010 he graduated from the Economics and Management department of Athens where he studied Tourism Business Management. In 2013 he completed his postgraduate studies in Athens University of Economics (AUEB) in Human Resource Management. He speaks English at optimal levels and a little French. He has worked as a salesman during the Athens Olympic Games  for Venue Retailing also as a Head of housekeeping at President hotel Athens. During the last two years he has worked as a consultant to BIOELLAS certification institute in the certification department for tourism business. He has also worked in the HR department of BIOELLAS.


Ioanna Tsampalati- Vakalopoulou

Education: Panteion University, Department of Psychology & University of Athens, MSc in “Counselling & Career Guidance“

Specialized in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Drama Therapy

Professional Experience: Psychologist in organizations such as the University of Athens, Eginition Hospital,  Panhellenic Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Work Integration (PEPSAEE).

Psychologist license verification

Foreign languages: English, Spanish, French



  • Scientific Consultants and Expert Associates

In each project the founding team seeks cooperation with scientists and professionals of high expertise level and societal orientation.


  • Associates in projects implementation process

We seek collaborators first of all among unemployed and vulnerable members of society, who have basic skills and the willingness to improve them through proper training and support from the Institute and work together for the efficient implementation of our projects.



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