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Recent years have seen a worldwide erosion of decent working conditions. The dramatic economic crisis in Greece   created even more high rates of unemployment (28% -the highest in European Union), underemployment, undeclared work, unpaid work, while  human rights, dignity and safety are not anymore guaranteed at workplace.

The changing world of work, the economic crisis and recession, globalization and labor migration are arising increased demands on employees. The increasing use of temporary contracts, increased job insecurity, higher workload and more pressure, human rights violation, as well as poor work-life balance contribute to stressful work environment which for sure leads to loss of creativity and innovation.  There is even greater need for flexibility in terms of both function and skills

The long decline of whole sectors leads specialized expertise outside of production process, resulting in losing  the continuity and make it hard to fill the gap later, with tragic consequences for the future of these sectors

Brain drain continues to be a threat for the country and there is lack of planning on keeping connection between Greek emigrants and homeland or supporting them at the countries they are deployed. As a result this may lead to permanent loss of skilled human resources.

There is no doubt, that our economy development model should be based on value added products and services and sustainability.  This model certainly  demands new skills for human resources .

The Institute on Social Dynamics studies and intervenes with projects which aim to changes and improvements for Better and Sustainable work.





Migration from third countries into Europe is now recognized as by far the most important problem of Europe. Greece ‘s role is pivotal since it is the largest refugee / immigrant gateway to Europe.

The Institute on Social Dynamics is working to provide proposals and means which can contribute to

–  decent residential conditions for refugees and immigrants

–  highlight and reduce the negative impact of the problem on the environment and local communities

-harmonious integration of those entitled to asylum in the European and Greek society.

– intercultural dialogue and collaboration with  representatives of various cultural groups as ambassadors of peace and harmonious social coexistence.






There are several moral, social and institutional rigidities which deepen even more the current economic crisis and make business success a personal feat.

Undoubtedly there are quite a lot organizations seeking to encourage awareness and financial support for business start-ups and innovation. Our own efforts mostly aim at

-the identification, the investigation and the removal of institutional and social development obstacles

– networking knowledge and experience

–  implementation of  pilot actions which encourage and support social groups to realize the benefits of sustainable development.






Training is an essential parameter of all our activity

Undoubtedly, there is no social stability or social dynamics without continuous knowledge communication and shelf development for community’s benefit, that’s why all our activity aims at training which

Develops observation, judgment and creativity

– Develops expertise and skills which strengthen community’s grid

– Leverages expertise that it is disappearing due to economic recession and migration of experienced staff.

-Strengthens the self-protection and safety of vulnerable social groups such as children

-Serves the model of sustainable development and is oriented to the common good.





At the Institute on Social Dynamics we believe in the great value of art as intellectual means of communication, conscious awakening, socialization, mental support and motivation of creativity.

For our work culture is inspiration and   supplies us with means to promote our activity.

We seek for collaborators among art creators with vision, values, professionalism and concerns on society’s problems. We listen to their concerns and enrich our activity.





The unique legacy of Hellenism is on the principles and values of Greek culture and civilization. Its  enormous power is hidden in the unity of all  those who espouse this culture eg   Greeks living in Greece, Expatriates, Indigenous Expatriates living outside of the Greek state and friends of Hellenic culture.

With our activity we aim to contribute

in keeping Greek cultural identity worldwide

– in communication of  achievements and history of the Ecumenical Hellenism

-in rallying all them to the effort of developing a  favorable environment  for Greece abroad.

– in strengthening of Hellenism cohesion through networking and development of cooperation and mutual support



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