Institute on Social Dynamics / Our vision

Institute on Social Dynamics

“The Institute on Social Dynamics” is a think tank on social dynamics.  We analyze, study and propose solutions to social problems that hinder Social Dynamics.  Our innovation is that we apply our proposals through specific projects in daily life, working continuously on improvements and new applications.

The Institute aims to bring the dialogue, interdisciplinary research and systemic approach in addressing social issues.



Our vision

Our vision is to contribute with research and actions to strengthening Democracy and well developing Society.

How we work

The Institute on Social Dynamics is a Social Cooperative Enterprise (KOIN.S.EP) which  was established in December 2015.

Our aim is to identify and study social problems with an interdisciplinary approach and systemic view. Then we apply our findings and proposals to pilot activities for  improvements in practice and new applications.

In each case we seek  the cooperation with scientists, professionals, organizations and institutions with substantial knowledge and experience on the subject and certainly societal orientation. Our target is to assist in removing barriers and distortions which impede Social Dynamics.


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